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Dr. Don Grant, Ph.D., MA, MFA, DAC, SUDCC IV - Media Psychologist

FAMILIES: UNPLUGGED; Practicing Healthier Device Management & Good Digital Citizenship


The pandemic has generated an increased reliance on devices for children and adolescents, so much so that screen time is often a source of conflict within families. In addition to being exposed to an evidence-based overview of our relationships with devices, attendees will be taught how to identify potential risk factors of online engagement and then be provided with useful, pragmatic clinically relevant strategies to address excessive screen time to promote healthier device management.

A Bit About Me

Dr. Grant is an internationally recognized and award-winning media psychologist, author, published researcher, Doctoral Addictions Counselor, and educator with specific expertise in technology's impact on mental health. He was 2022 President of the American Psychological Association Division 46 (The Society for Media Psychology & Technology), currently chairs the APA (Div. 46) “Device Management & Intelligence” committee, co-chairs the APA Division 46 “Strategic Planning” committee and serves as Secretary of the California Psychological Association Division VI (Media Technology and Communication). He is also the National Advisor for Healthy Device Management for Newport Healthcare.


He designs, presents, and facilitates “Healthy Device Management” and “Good Digital Citizenship” treatment strategy and educational training workshops for clinicians, educators, parents, and academic communities. He is a globally respected and popular conference keynote speaker, podcast and onscreen interview guest, and print content contributor in the field of device related behaviors, addiction, and media psychology.

Dr. Grant was invited to join the APA Coalition for Psychology in Schools & Education, which was commissioned by the Centers for Disease Control on behalf of the DASH funded APA Safe and Supportive Schools Primers Project to create a series of adolescent psychology focused support manuals for distribution by the CDC to schools, administrators, and educators nationwide. He and his colleagues completed the printed series last Fall and are currently audio recording each manual to provide optimal access to their content.

His current research includes a large-scale study in partnership with the Newport Healthcare Center for Research and Innovation and Drexel University investigating his theories surrounding the potential impact of a caregiver’s device use behaviors on attachment bonds. He is also engaged in explorations of the identity construct effects of social media, parasocial mediated relationships, and cyberbullying on adolescents, teens, young adults, families, and our culture/relationships-at-large.

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