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Conference presentation
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The Rohde Family

A Yearlong Journey From Conflict to Connection


Join us for a live interview of the Rhode Family. Their 17-year-old son, Noah, who had already experienced years of therapy, IOP programs and residential, was essentially incapacitated. He had dropped out of high school, rarely left his bedroom, communicated with peers only online, had not bathed in years, was hostile  toward his parents, would become dysregulated (yell, kick, and throw things) if asked to do anything differently, and refused to attend his family therapy sessions.  Today, Noah is well-regulated, has graduated from high school, started community college, bathes regularly, is getting his driver’s license, and has a much closer relationship with his parents. Curious how all of this happened? Come to the conference and find out.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the family dynamics that lead to similar states of client incapacity.

  • Learn how a family-based treatment is likely the treatment of choice with similarly challenging clients.

  • Understand how to gradually increase expectations of adolescents who are explosive and/or threaten suicide and elicit healthier, more functional behavioral responses.

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