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Dr. Don Grant (1).jpg

Dr. Don Grant

Award-winning media psychologist

President of the American Psychology Association's Society for Media Psychology & Technology

Recommended for both professionals and individuals, this presentation will explore how our pandemic generated increased device and digitally based behaviors have-and are predicted to continue to-affect, effect, and alter our lives, lifestyles, and careers. It will expose our "for better" and (potentially) "for worse" increasingly reliant relationships with screens, as well as the applications and services they deliver.

In addition to being exposed to an evidence-based overview of our relationships with devices (including relevant and current statistics), attendees will be taught how to identify potential risk factors of online engagement for, their patients, students, children, selves, and families, then be provided with pragmatic strategies to promote healthier device management and professional digital citizenship.  In addition, they will be educated regarding current technologically mediated devices and the platforms/online opportunities/applications they deliver, how to recognize potential risks/negative outcomes of their use and utilization, and be provided with skills, strategies, and recommendations.

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